Remote Handling of Work with a Virtual Admin Assistant

A virtual admin assistant provides administrative services while operating from a remote location. Virtual assistant duties include different tasks ranging from digital marketing, scheduling appointments to managing events and personal assignments. 

What Is A Virtual Admin Assistant?

A virtual admin assistant provides various services to entrepreneurs and businesses by managing the administrative tasks outside of the client’s office. A virtual assistant can do anything for you, virtually. These admin tasks include social media engagement, event management, managing calendars, preparing reports, running digital marketing  campaigns and more. A virtual assistant is a contractor who works remotely, and while they are not present in the company environment physically, they can handle a lot of every day admin tasks that need only be managed regularly to keep the company boat afloat.

Why Hire A Virtual Admin Assistant? 

Entrepreneurs and businesses are increasingly leaning towards hiring a virtual assistant due to the advantages their presence can create.

  • With the help of virtual assistants, one can help the full-time employees focus on bigger or more intricate tasks as opposed to spending time on daily administrative work. 
  • Hiring virtual admin assistants instead of a full-time employee can help reduce the payroll cost. In fact, most virtual assistants require very little training, which can be another cost.
  • Perhaps more important than the economics is the amount of time an organisation can save everyday by outsourcing general tasks to a visual assistant.

Remote handling of admin tasks helps a company outsource effectively. There is a never-ending list of small operations and procedures that a virtual assistant can handle.

  • A virtual assistant can fulfil the need for administrative tasks such as data entry, diary management, noting phone calls and messages, handing customer emails etc.
  • Personal to-do lists, scheduling meetings and calls and travel arrangements can also be organised with the help of virtual assistant services.
  • Virtual assistants can also manage finances by maintaining budgets and scheduling purchases or tax filing.
  • Digital marketing with a virtual assistant can be handled along side social media and email management.
  • Virtual assistants are also engaged in research and content creation that enhances search engine operations to drive traffic towards a website or social media platform.

Managing Virtual Admin Assistants

Since virtual assistants handle all tasks remotely, in many cases their hiring is also remote, based on telephonic or video interviews. Since this can carry considerable risk, it is recommended that virtual assistants be hired from reputed virtual assistant companies or freelance marketplaces available online. 

Once hired, their work must be monitored and managed efficiently to make the best use of them. Effective communication, designation of roles and responsibilities and timely management of any issues that come as a part of the work flow can be handled by streamlining the processes. There are also free project management tools that can be allocated to projects and tasks to facilitate collaboration between the VAs and employees. So does having a virtual assistant work? It depends on how the work is allocated and processed. 

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